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Dianetics: The Original Thesis

By L. Ron Hubbard . Product Description Here is Ron’s first description of Dianetics. Originally circulated in manuscript form to a few friends, it was soon copied and passed hand-to-hand

Creating Ability

By L. Ron Hubbard . Steady employment for the worker depends upon: . . a. Alertness and intelligence.b. The ability to handle superiors as well as employees.c. A good grasp

Dianetics 55!

By L. Ron Hubbard THE COMPLETE MANUAL OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION Product Description “What is knowledge? What is truth? And what is the Secret? If you knew  the answers you’d understand all. Fortunately for

Scientology 8-8008

By L. Ron Hubbard Product Description . It’s seemingly everywhere, enforcing its command on every being, awaiting with pain any disobedience to its laws and commands – enforcing a constant

Creation of Human Ability

By L. Ron Hubbard Product Description “The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of  space, energy, time and forms of life, and his

Handbook For Preclears

By L. Ron Hubbard Product Description       “Actually you are a giant tied down with cotton lint. You tied the knots and furnished the string and said where

Scientology: A History of Man

Book by L. Ron Hubbard Product Description  This book has to do with the time before you were born. Perhaps before you were conceived is a better concept. The book

All About Radiation

By L. Ron Hubbard Get the straight facts about how radiation is affecting you and your body. What is radiation?What are the real dangers of radiation?Can you keep yourself healthy

Self Analysis

A book by L. Ron Hubbard Have you ever wanted to be able to improve yourself? Have you ever wanted to just get away from others and be left to

Clear Body Clear Mind

By L. Ron Hubbard Over 250,000 freed from the harmful effects of drugs and toxic substances. Read about it now. How did they do it? You can do it too.