Creating Ability

By L. Ron Hubbard


Steady employment for the worker depends upon:



a. Alertness and intelligence.
b. The ability to handle superiors as well as employees.
c. A good grasp of his or her own job.
d. Hope that things can get better.

Actual skill in computer operation, filing, driving, handling equipment and other labours are all secondary to the above. If one is not alert or intelligent, he will have difficulty learning particular jobs. If one is alert and intelligent, he can rapidly learn any actual skill.

The Personal Efficiency Course uses methods from the Scientology religion. In the seminar the worker’s intelligence can be raised and alertness can be bettered.

The student is taught how to handle people – the public, employees and superiors. He is taught how to predict what people will do and how to correct it.

he is taught how to come to grips with his own job and conquer it, to do it better and easier and so salvage time for himself.

He is shown how he can make things better for himself and those around him, to make them more confidant and happier about life.

The Personal Efficiency Course is part of the worldwide religious movement of Scientology to make Man good enough to live and be happy in the materialistic society. The social sciences, the humanities, have have not kept up with the physical sciences. Our civilization has built nuclear weapons without making sane men to handle and use them.

The prosperity of a country depends upon the efficiency and ability of its workers, its foremen and business executives. It does not depend upon some new political or financial trick.

A man is as free, as well off, as he is able. A business is as well-off as it has people in it. A country is as well-off as it has able workers, foremen and executives.

The Personal Efficiency Course specializes in ability. It uses methods which actively create ability.

A worker works with people. He cannot progress unless he can handle people. And strangely enough, he must be able to handle a superior as well as a co-worker or those under him. The Personal Efficiency Course teaches how to handle people.

No matter one’s skill on the job, he may work years unnoticed unless he can communicate with other things than his tools of trade. The Personal Efficiency Course teaches him how.

The world of business cries out for better people to fill better jobs. The Personal Efficiency Course makes such people.

No requisites or pre-schooling or previous study in the Scientology religion are required for the Personal Efficiency Course


You can contact the Church of Scientology of Canberra here, and read more interesting Scientology philosophy here.

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