Dianetics 55!

By L. Ron Hubbard


Product Description

“What is knowledge? What is truth? And what is the Secret? If you knew  the answers you’d understand all. Fortunately for you, there right in your hands. For having codified the axioms and the route to exteriorization and Operating Thetan, Ron provided it all in the book, Creation of Human Ability. Amongst these breakthroughs, 6the importance of one factor stood out above all others – Communication. Contained in that one word is no less than the magical formula which leads the way out.” By L. Ron Hubbard

Herein are many answers to the Secrets:

The most complete description of the A-R-C Triangle – unveiled as no less than a mathematical formula to resolve any question, any problem and life itself.

The “Secret” and its answer – revealing the source of all Entrapment and, in turn, providing the key that unlocks every barrier.

The Communication Formula – containing the anatomy and component parts of a cycle of communication and with, in use, is no less than a universal solvent.

The Two-way Cycle of Communication – crucial to all auditing success and and…even more important than living.

In summary, here’s the one book that stands as the linchpin not only to auditing, but to virtually all of freedom itself.

Other Dianetics Books are here. Get yours from the Church of Scientology of Canberra.

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