About Scientology

By L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology is a religion which addresses human ability.

Scientology has Churches on every continent of Earth.

Scientology tenets and religious practices can enliven the intelligence of an individual. Their ability to handle life and their fellows can be increased markedly.

A hundred years ago it was believed that the intelligence and capability of an individual could not be changed. This old-fashioned idea, once a firm belief of psychology, hqas now been disproven.

People can change. Scientology can change them.

Scientology makes bright, shiny, new people – smarter, more able, better armed to handle their fellows.

Students of many universities, schools and groups have been trained in Scientology proceedures.

The student of Scientology is trained in the basics of life and counseled in groups to increase alertness and intelligence.

Scientology means Scio, “knowing in the fullest sense of the word.” and ology, ‘to study.”

The successes of Scientology are based on the recognition, for the first time, that Man is a spirit, a sould – not an animal )or as many apparently believed) a beast of burden or slave.

Scientology works for Man’s good and his betterment on Earth.

Scientology processes alone can uniformly and markedly change Man for the better, individually and collectively.

Scientology is Man’s brightest hope in the face of a materialist society.



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