The Personal Efficiency Course

By L. Ron Hubbard


Designed for persons without previous schooling in the humanities or prior study in the Scientology religion, the Personal Efficiency Course is intended to accomplish the following:

a. To raise individual intelligence and to increase alertness.
b. To give students good grounding in the handling of people in general, superiors, fellow workers and employees, to the end of securing more pleasant and effective4 relationships and obtaining greater efficiency with less actual work.
c. To help a student sort out his own job, to make it run smoother and fit it into the work of others.
d. To give the student a grasp on morale, how to build good group spirit.
e. To improve a student’s vitality an appearance to the end of increasing his employability and success.
f. To fit the student for other or new employment.

The materials used in the Personal Efficiency Course are part of the religious works of scientology. They concern life and how to handle it instead of being handled by it.

Students enroll with the Registrar, who has completed scheduling information.


You can contact the Church of Scientology of Canberra here, and read more interesting Scientology philosophy here.

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