Scientology: A History of Man

Book by L. Ron Hubbard

Product Description 

This book has to do with the time before you were born. Perhaps before you were conceived is a better concept.

The book was first available in 1951. This is the research of man’s past up until this time.

“I began search into the back track of Mankind some years ago. There was no actual knowledge of it in existence. There were numberless superstitions, countless guesses, as many theories in favor of one thing as in favor of another. People believed, some of them, that Man had lived before. They had no proof. Others believed that Man was born innocent and died and went to a place called Hell. Most believed that when you had lived once, that was all, fellow.”

“Such a number of conflicting theories must have truth in them. It became my business to discover, against considerable odds, that truth.”

“The present life is more important out of proportion to the small fraction of total age of the theta being.”


“A cold-blooded and factual account of your past 76 trillion years.” Here is your history unraveled by using the E-meter, delineating and describing the principal incidents on the whole track to be found in any human being.

Included in this book is the following:

The relationship of the Genetic Entity to Theta Beings.

The targets of address in auditing – Cellular Injuries, Genetic Entity, Injected Entities and the Theta Being.

The History and description of incidents on the Genetic Line.

The history and description of incidents on the Theta Line.

Specific incidents on the Theta Line – incidents that reveal the true story of between-lives, why a being forgets he’s lived and the insidious nature of the electronics in enslaving thetans.

The capabilities of the Theta Being, including the truly epic history of conflict with MEST beings… and the future yet unfolded.


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