All About Radiation

By L. Ron Hubbard

Get the straight facts about how radiation is affecting you and your body.

What is radiation?
What are the real dangers of radiation?
Can you keep yourself healthy if exposed to radiation?
Can you safeguard your family against radiation?
What should you do in the event of radioactive fallout?

On ALL ABOUT RADIATION, bestselling self improvement author L. Ron Hubbard presents clear concise data about radiation and its affects – data you can use to deal with one of today’s most serious health threats.

How Dangerous is sunburn? X-rays?
Are there solutions to the problems of radiation?

Product Description

In ALL ABOUT RADIATION, L. Ron Hubbard, with medical doctors Gene Denk and Farley R. Spink, present clear, concise data about radiation and its effects – data you can use.

Discover some of the surprising facts about radiation that even the experts won’t tell you.

Introduction: Radiation and the Environment, by Gene Denk, Bachelor of science, Doctor of medicine. 15 pages

Book One: The Facts About the Atomic Bomb by Dr. F.R. Spink.

1. The Atomic Bomb
2. Protection
3. Nuclear Radiation
4. The hydrogen Bomb
5. Problems of Delayed Radiation
6. Long-Term View
7. Treatment of Radiation Disease

Book Two: Man’s Inhumanity to Man
by L. Ron Hubbard

1. The Real Threat of Atomic Radiation
2. Radiation and War
3. Radiation and Scientology
4. Man’s Real Enemies
5. Handling the Cumulative Effects of Radiation:


The Purification Rundown has more, and so does the book Clear Body Clear Mind.

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