Handbook For Preclears

By L. Ron Hubbard

Handbook for Preclears

Product Description

      “Actually you are a giant tied down with cotton lint. You tied the knots and furnished the string and said where you’d lie.

      “The only trouble you might have in processing is refusing – for some strange but discoverable reason, having to do with concern for others – to burst these light strands and stand up.

      “Fortunately this volume offers more than such inspiration. But the cold, basic truth is that you are a vital and necessary part of this world and anything that is wrong with you, you have assumed in an effort to be what passes for ‘human'”


Handbook for Preclears is the legendary self-processing manual that marks the transition from the subject of Dianetics to Scientology. Here are the breakthroughs that revealed the phenomenon of the LIFE CONTINUUM – a mechanism whereby every individual takes on the disabilities of the deceased or departed, until they are no longer living their own life. Here, then, are the answers to getting rid of all those parts of ‘you” that aren’t really YOU. 

This book includes:
   . Expansive essays providing the most complete description of The Ideal State of Man.

    .The Goals of Man, and why his survival depends upon the conquest of the physical universe.

    .The Human Mind, how it operates and its underlying purpose.

    .And more.

The book is 432 pages, including glossary and index. It is in hardback and soft cover (spiral bound). The soft cover is pictured above.

The book is available in hardcopy as well as spiral bound. In this book you are the one who processes yourself.

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