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This course teaches a child the vital skill of how to look up a word in a dictionary. This is a step that is often not taught to a child at all, yet can make the difference between success and failure in life.

Course hours are Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Lunch from 1 – 2 pm. This course will take three or four study days to finish.

The manual is very well illustrated and is 296 pages long.

The course has been also used by many adults in Canberra who wish to catch up English education.

Finishing the Dictionary Course gave me more than I ever got from going to school. Sally (Canberra)

I learned how to use a dictionary. I learned where words go into groups and sentences. I learned all the different things in a dictionary, what they stand for, and so on. It is going to help me through college, so I will be able to understand all I am reading, and so I will be able to look up words in a dictionary for which I do not know the meaning of. A. M. (ACT)

Before I started the Dictionary Course I had always hated grammar. It was something to be avoided. The Dictionary Course changed that. Now after having done the Grammar and Communication Course as well, I really feel I have a pretty good understanding of basic grammar. It is no longer that ogre in the dark. I can now engage in it. It feels great! W. M. (Canberra)

How to Use a Dictionary Course gives you the mental tools to understand parts of speak, punctuation, conjunctions, colons – and all sorts of other gems that my head has been missing all my life.  L. E. (Canberra)

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