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Study Skills For Life

Course . Product Description This course  was written specifically for young teenagers. The book enables a person to learn the most basic aspects of study technology in an easy-to-understand format.

Learning How To Learn Course

. Product Description Recommended as the first study book for children, this illustrated work teaches children how to study. Basic to all children’s education, it teaches exact skills they need

How To Use a Dictionary

Picture Book For Children . Product Description  This course teaches a child the vital skill of how to look up a word in a dictionary. This is a step that

Grammar And Communication For Children

Course . Product Description L. Ron Hubbard isolated grammar as a major factor in anyone’s ability to study and communicate to others. He not only got rid of the complexities

Basic Study Manual

Course . Product Description The Basic Study Manual teaches the major breakthroughs of study technology for any age or academic level from teenagers on up. All fundamentals are covered, giving