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L. Ron Hubbard isolated grammar as a major factor in anyone’s ability to study and communicate to others. He not only got rid of the complexities in the subject of grammar and developed a new grammar that is simple and easy to understand, but also made it possible for a child to learn it. This illustrated book contains the basics of the new grammar, a must for any child.

This simple English grammar book was written and illustrated to hold the interest of children. Its purpose is to show the young student the basics of grammar so he can understand and communicate well and does not develop a fear or distaste for the subject.

Course hours are Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Lunch from 1 – 2 pm. This course will take five or six study days to finish.

The manual includes an index and glossary and is 486 pages.

Success:  (From a teacher who did the course.)
Wow, what an experience! I have never really been confident regarding English grammar. I knew there were huge gaps in my education at school. I never really got it. How can I admit this after all that time, after all, I am a teacher. Suffice to say, not a teacher of English. Often I questioned my grammar, but never really had the time or opportunity. The time and opportunity was created and PRESTO! After completing the course, I now feel confident enough. The book is so clearly written and in future if I have a doubt I will turn back the pages of this wonderful book. I made it. M. C. (Tuggeranong, ACT)

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