Science of Survival

The Prediction of Human Behavior

by L. Ron Hubbard

“Men have lived to conquer all forms of life, from the mastodon to the microbe. Men have lived to build walls and roads and pyramids which have defied the elements for thousands of years. Men have lived to write music which has pleased the gods and lines that have made the angels sigh and the Devil weep.

“This is a time for Man to succeed again. Here is the word, the technology, the goal. The job is cut out and the name is SURVIVE!”


Dianetics revealed the previously unknown reactive mind that enslaves and controls Man, and the auditing procedures to get rid of it. But what was in Dianetics was only Plan A. It laid out the groundwork for further research into what is best termed Man’s life force. Here, then, is theta (life force) and MEST (the physical universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time) and their interaction which is what we call life itself.

This book is written around the Chart of Human Evaluation. It provides a complete description of any person’s reactions, traits and behaviour patterns at any given emotion. And this means that by knowing just a couple of characteristics of a person, you can know the rest. You can know their entire personality, conduct and character. This is true. Then, with entirely new types of processing – counselling, one can unleash the full inherent potential of a being as they move on up to the highest levels of freedom.

“Human behavior and human thought are the foundation of human endeavour. Once one has an answer to these basic riddles there is almost nothing which will not eventually resolve..” 

L. Ron Hubbard

Science of Survival is an essential handbook for every auditor. You can predict human behaviour in life itself. And that is why it’s the most useful book you will ever own. You can predict what others are like and they will desire to do to you.

For the Church of Scientology of Canberra, and more Dianetics Books here.

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