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You can read more about the Church of Scientology of Canberra in the links below.

Scientology in Canberra has been around the internet for a long time.

The Canberra Scientology Cylex Page is this page here:

This here is a very old address: We hope you like some history. You can see how it was decades ago. An old htm site. Now that is old.

The Scientology Canberra Australian True Local site is this one. It is a tradition in Australia.

Here is the Church of Scientology New York website. It is official and validates the correct address:

The Church of Scientology of Canberra Locanfy page is this one here:

Here’s their Yellow Pages entry:

The old Canberra List site is still here. It is also verging on historic.,-Australia/3P.htm

This is a fair representation of websites. Obviously they want to be found, so make contact. Please.

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